ASYLUM Hot Rod Gathering is “the Other place to go.We’re not interested in the trophy scene. We’re  also poor boyz, no really, we can’t afford to pay 20-30 bucks every Saturday and/or Sunday to sit in a park or parking lot next to our car when any other day we can park there for free. We’re not cheap, just frugal and choose to spend our spare coins on parts. We got to thinking maybe we ain’t the only ones. We also relate a whole lot better to Kats and Kittens that wrench their own stuff and are willing and actually enjoy helping someone else wrench on theirs. We ain’t no hot rod scientists so we need all the help and experience we can get. Cole Unger & Matt Miller started the HOT ROD GATHERING for guys and gals and kids. WE DIG CARS. All kinds o’ cars. Big cars, little cars, fast cars, slow cars, it don’t matter. WE DIG CARS. We dig people that dig cars. Are you catchin’ my meaning. If you haven’t pulled the plug yet, you just may be like us and ASYLUM may be for you. The idea isn’t entirely ours. We were inspired by a buddy of ours John Galli, in Soquel. He has been doing it for several years in the Home Depot parking lot.
We started our gig in October of 08 with about four dudes and we meet every Saturday, rain or shine, at 7:30 am. We are now seeing 10-20 cars every Saturday. If Hot Rods, Historical Restos, Taildraggers, Jalopys and the occasional super charger blows your hair back, come and join us. Kick some gravel, tell some lies and lend your genius  to someone who wants to learn and let’s get em’ built. If you’re looking for something to do on Sunday, There’s a meet-up at Starbucks, 4005 Manzanita Ave, in Carmichael behind Denny’s from 8 - 9:30 am. See you there. While you’re at it, click the blue F button and check us out on Facebook.